The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series is an all around

This is Gregg

laugh with the whole family. If you ever ask one of your parents to read this book they will not be able to help themselves from cracking up!

The main Character of these books is Gregg Heffley, a boy in middle school with an interesting life. Gregg's Mom bought him a diary and suggests that he write in it. At first, Gregg does not want to do this at all (1. Gregg's older brother Rodrick would be sure to make fun of him. (2. This " Diary" could fall out of his bookbag, causing him to be humillated for his life. (3. Gregg believes diaries are for girls. Gregg decides to right in the journal despite the consequences that could occur and please his Mom ( If he didn't do what his Mom told him to it could be worse) This hillarious series is just about Gregg's life. Hope you read them!