Hello, obviously this is not the exclusives page. I'm here to talk to you about a very important matter for your health. Do you think you're coming down with ONE DIRECTION INFECTION? One direction infection is a very serious case. You get one direction infection from other people, but in rare cases you catch it when you first hear them sing.As I was saying, One Direction Infection is very contagious. I bet you know at least one person in you r life with One Direction Infection. This person will probaly sing One Direction Songs a lot and hope to get married to one of the boys or dream about meeting One Direction. One Direction Infection can even penetrate your mind. If you come down with One Direction Infection yuou may want to start singing lessons. Or change your personality to fit your favorite band members likes in girls. It all depends on you and how severe the case is.

Symptons of one Direction Infection

1. You start singing their songs.

2. In magazines you feel tempted to read articles about them.

3. You devolp a favorite of the guys in 1D.

4. You buy their songs and music videos.

5. You have dreams about meeting One Direction.

6. You buy a 1D shirt.

7. You buy tickets to their concert.

8. You collect more merchandise of One Direction

The first step was what happens first and so on.

Here's the question though? Do you want One Direction Infection?Some people LOVE having One Direction Infection, but others are completley opposed to the band. If you are fine with having One Direction Infection thats fine.